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Lean Training.

The Lean Training’s goal, which is divided into the modules Lean-Basics, Lean-Practitioner and Lean-Expert, is to familiarise all managers and employees with the Lean Management Philosophy’s basics and mode of action, as well as to develop their existing knowledge in order to be able to apply it specifically in their particular area of responsibility.

The training content is divided into theoretical knowledge transfer, simulations to make Lean tangible and practical on-site analyses that are directly related to the participant’s goals. Hereby, it is crucial to know the influence of Lean methods and tools on a positive development of the company’s key figures up to the overall financial result and to use them as a management tool.

The course of the training is customised and will be adjusted to the existing needs and is designed in the standard course of 3 days. The training is led by experienced Senior Lean Experts. This ensures that employees internalise the elements of Lean Management and can apply them practically. As a result, all processes and projects can be evaluated for their lean compatibility in future so adjustments in the process can be made in case deviations are identified. The main goal is always to increase added-value, prevent waste, reduce lead times and get measurable results.

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